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Salts letter page 2
Page 2
Was Maried. to Mary Jane
McGinis. 1842. The Name
Started at Jonesboro Tenn
Henry Saults. Being a poor
Scribe could not write his name
planely. Was a witness at cort
at Said Town. Having Sighned
his name to a Sertein article &
could not be made out by
the Clerk. Consieqently the
Clerk had to hunt him up
& xplaned why he had to Do So
Saults (or Sutz) Tolde him
(The Clerk) to call him Saults
As he had taken so much that
he (Saults) eventuely suposed
that the Clerk could remember
that. Hence the word Saults
or Salts) Daniel Napoleon
Saults (or Sultz) Was
Borned in the year 1853
May the 10th

Salts letter page 2