1840 Washington County, Tennessee Census

Salts Family Listings

Page Name / Head Age Wife Note
41 Henry Salts      
43 or 26 Enoch Presnal 30-39 Sarah Elizabeth Salts  
65, ?, ? Thomas Brown 30-39 Leanora Salts There are three Thomas Browns and we are not sure which one is married to Lenoara Salts
65 John Mitchell


Sarah "Sally" Salts  
  Jacob Brown, Sr 90-100 Mary "Polly" Salts  
  Charles Hendrick 20-29 Margaret Salts Father: Andrew Salts
  Wily Brown 20-29 Mary "Polly" Salts Father: Jacob Brown II
  John P. Cloyd 30-39 Mary A. Salts Parents: Unknown Salts and Mary "Polly" ? / Stepfather: Jacob Brown II
  Jacob Brown 20-29   Parents: Jacob II.and Mary "Polly" Salts Brown
  John Salts, Jr. 30-39    
67 Andrew Salts      
69 Sample Oar   Hester Salts  
75 John Salts 60-69    
87 Joseph Rodgers     Father: Reuben Rodgers
  Reuben Rodgers     Father of Caroline Rodgers Salts / wife of Samuel Salts
119 Moses Delashment 30-39 Nancy Salts  
  Jessee Salts      
121 Samuel Salts 10-14 Caroline Rodgers  
  Fredrick Starnes 50-59 Elizabeth Salts